YouTube Evil Theme, Turn On Devil In Your Mobile

Take some breath, Dark Youtube is here. Sometimes we need a dark theme in our applications from Messages to WhatsApp. We know that in 2017 Youtube brought Dark Theme mode for the desktop. Not we are able to spread darkness in our desktop.

Now not only the desktop users but all users can turn their devices into the dark mode. Youtube is known as the collection of different lights. But now it will become shadow master, one can say. The parts of YouTube that were light are now dark, and the parts that were dark are now light! The LIVE video button and the search icon are now white where they were gray before. The black YouTube logo is now standing alone in the dark pit that is the rest of the app!

The update came in iOS on 13 March. Don’t worry Android Users, before the end of march you will also get this update. That’s right, Android users, this update is so extremely brutal that it’s only out for iOS first. Google favors the iPhone because the most metal way to celebrate an app update release is to give Android NOTHING. At least for a few minutes, hours, or days.

Once the app’s update is released, users will need only to tap their account icon, tap settings, and tap DARK THEME. Don’t get suffocated by the hellfire of blackness that awaits! Android users – don’t hold your breath! But if you want to try to get the update sooner than everyone else, you might want to head over to the Android Police-hosted APK Mirror. The dark feature isn’t in the newest update as this article is set to be published, but it might be there by the time you’ve read this far!

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