Top 5 Tech Trends Till March 2018

Starting of this year was so trendy. We got to see so many tech items which were out of expectations. Not only mobile’s company are in competition but lifestyle market is also there in competition. Here we mentioned some of the best tech trends until March 2018, we got.

Pop Up Webcam

Huawei MateBook X Pro Camera Place, Camera in Keyboard

As we all know that Huawei launched its new laptop called Huawei MateBook X Pro in the previous month. All of us get wondered that where is Webcam? But at last, we got to know that Huawei makes it as a pop-up webcam which is very helpful to us. To see the full article click on the link below.


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First ever mobile which has 98% Screen. Mobile has only 1.8 mm bezels at the side and upside. Where at downside it has 2.3 mm bezels. Vivo has an 8MP front camera with pop-out technology.  Still, Vivo hasn’t released its full specifications. But as per some leaks, it can be launched with 4GB and 6GB RAM. Mobile has the best ever fingerprint scanner. The company made its half screen as a fingerprint scanner. You can put your finger anywhere between half of the screen but at downside only.

This design can improve security options. You will be able to add simultaneously more than one finger’s fingerprint. Not only this due to small bezels it can come with more battery power.


5 Days Battery Mobile

Here I am not gonna talk about specifications. I heard that Samsung has promised to their users that Samsung Galaxy S9 has 3000 mAh battery in it. But here is a mobile which has 13,000 mAh battery in it. Mobile has named Energizer Power Max P16K Pro.

Of course, that chunky battery has to live underneath the display, and the result is a smartphone that feels bulky in the hand. But if battery life is important to you, you might be willing to overlook a slightly cumbersome design. Other features of the Power Max P16K Pro include a 5.99-inch Full HD display, 6GB of Ram and fast charge support.

Smart Shoes Morse Code

We all are expecting some extra new technology in MWC. We get some of the new flagships like Galaxy S9, Vivo Apex and more. But we got to see a smart shoe called Morse Code which has smart power and SIM card options in it. The shoe is designed by  Intellinium and Serra Wireless Technology.

The shoes include a built-in smart Sim card, vibration module, and audible alarm. They’re pitched at teams of industrial workers, with the idea being they can tap out warning messages in a form of Morse code to let others know of safety issues on site. Managers can also send alerts to workers’ shoes, which in theory they can feel or hear above noisy construction equipment. Putting visions of tap-dancing construction workers aside, these ‘smart shoes’ do seem to have potentially life-saving application – provided it’s easy enough to tell the difference between tapping ‘bad weather on the way’ and ‘two sugars please’.


Android Drives a Real Car

Huawei Mate 10 Pro Detect Dog in Screen, Drive Car Itself

Last month Huawei was succeeded to drive a car by Huawei Mate 10 Pro. They had designed a car which can able to understand all the instructions from android mobile. Mate 10 Pro has Kirin 970 which is as much power that it can handle or drive a car by itself. The company has used a simple technology that whenever it detects an object in front of a car it will change its path automatically.

These all are the top tech trends. I hope you like this. Share this post to let your friends to know about Top 5 Tech Trends til March 2018.


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