Top 10 SciFi Movies Till 2018, Total Recall to Vanilla Sky

Most of us love to watch Science Fiction movies. No one gets bored with all these movies no matter that how many time you have seen that movie. So here we have a list of movies that are Top 10 SciFi movies till 2018.

1. Total Recall

Paul Verhoeven’s Philip K. Dick-inspired thriller gave Arnold Schwarzenegger one of his best roles as Quaid, a man who becomes so obsessed with his recurring dreams of Mars that he decides to take a “dream vacation” via Rekall, a company that can implant exciting memories into the minds of paying customers.


2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Though the movie is high-concept sci-fi at its most imaginative, the basic story is incredibly relatable. Anyone who’s been through a devastatingly painful breakup can relate to these characters.


3. Vanilla Sky

Cameron Crowe’s 2001 remake of Alejandro Aménabar’s Spanish-language brain teaser Open Your Eyes stars Tom Cruise as David Aames, a rich playboy whose face is horribly disfigured in a car accident caused by his obsessed ex (Cameron Diaz). Lucky for him, he’s able to have his perfect features restored and pick right back up with his new love, Sofia (Penélope Cruz)…but all is not what it seems, and David’s life careens from charmed to nightmarish when he’s accused of murder.


4. Blade Runner

Do memories count if you’re not actually human? Both Blade Runner movies (like Total Recall, inspired by Philip K. Dick) feature replicant characters who fervently believe their memories are real. In the original film, Rachael (Sean Young) doesn’t initially know that she’s not a real human, in large part because her recollections of her childhood are so vivid.


5. Strange Days

An ex-cop (Ralph Fiennes) who’s now a player in the black market gets drawn into a murder mystery involving his ex-girlfriend, the music industry, and corrupt LAPD officers; the case hinges on the various incriminating “SQUID” recordings that function more or less like high-tech breadcrumbs leading back to the culprit.


6. The Forgotten

Julianne Moore plays Tully, a mother grieving the loss of her young son in a plane crash. Thing is, everyone around her, including her husband, her best friend, and her doctor, are like, “Uh, you never had a son in the first place!” She’s convinced that the boy was real, though, and her belief grows even stronger when she encounters a fellow parent (Dominic West) who believes his own daughter has also been similarly erased from existence.


7. Embers

Unlike many other films on this list, Embers isn’t special effects-focused; instead, it concentrates on its characters, tracing how each of them deals with the ongoing frustration of constant forgetfulness. The trailer focuses on a couple (played by Jason Ritter and Iva Gocheva) who suspect they should be together based on the fact that they have matching bracelets made of yarn…though they just can’t quite remember exactly what the other means to them.


8. Dark City

Alex Proyas (The Crow) directed this stylized tale that centers on Murdoch (Rufus Sewell), a man who awakes with amnesia, only to find he’s the chief suspect in a string of murders. But this is no ordinary film noir. The titular city, a place where the sun never shines, is controlled by a group called the Strangers; they’re able to dramatically alter the physical landscape as well as infiltrate the minds of residents, changing individual identities and injecting new memories at every stroke of midnight.


9. The Giver

A teenaged boy named Jonas (Brenton Thwaites, soon to be seen as Dick Grayson on Titans) is informed that his prescribed career will be taking over from Bridges’ character as “receiver” of the community’s collective memories. But once “the Giver” begins to pass on his knowledge, the kid realizes exactly what his life has been missing—not just the power of memory, but also things like fear, joy, love, and excitement—and he can’t suppress his urge to share what he’s learned with everyone else.


10. Solaris

Everyone, including main character Kelvin (played in the different versions by Donatas Banionis and George Clooney), has troubling hallucinations that seem to be ripped directly from their memories. Troubling, because they feel so real, in a very tangible sense. The main story revolves around Kelvin reconnecting with a remarkably lifelike copy of his beloved, who died by suicide years before—a tragedy that he still believes is his fault. The Tarkovsky adaptation of Solaris is the only version that’s praised as a masterpiece (which it is), but the Soderbergh take is reasonably true to the story’s introspective, emotionally complex narrative.

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