Tired of Texting? Google Robot Will Chat With Your Friends

Get irritated by doing boring reply for some daily routine messages and texts? Do you ever think or wish about a person who will reply all your messages that are not so much important to you? Don’t Worry, Google will solve your problem soon.

Google in its lab called Area 120 working on a feature that will be able to reply all your messages in your social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and your Text messages. But Google will launch this feature firstly for its products like Hangout, Allo, and Duo.

This AI-based technology will be defined by a word “Reply“. It designed to give a reply on Gmail and Allo soon. Area 120 says “You probably get a lot of chat messages. And you want to be there for people, but also for people in the real world. What if replying were literally one tap away?”


So there is a leak that how this AI technology will work. It will use your locations, checkouts, weather, calendar and more. Let assume that if someone asks to you “Where are you now?” then this AI will automatically reply to your friend by checking your location.

Reply will also be able to tell everyone you’re on holiday, automatically checking your calendar and replying as appropriate. Plus it will have an advanced do not disturb mode that will silence your phone and tell people you can’t chat right now, but also scan incoming messages for important stuff so that “Reply can make sure to get your attention even when your phone is silent”. There will be no escape.

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