Sony Classic PlayStation, PlayStation Classic Coming December 3

It takes me to my 90s time when I used to buy disks to play a particular game like Tekken 3, Mario, Car Race, and etc. New versions of the Sega Mega Drive and SNK Neo Geo are also scheduled for release. So without taking much time, let’s start to talk for Sony Classis PlayStation.


The classic PlayStation will be available from 3 December 2018. It will cost you only $99.99. In this much value, you will be getting some preloaded games that are best of the time. It will include 20 classic titles, including Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms.

The company said that it is about 45% in size of its actual PlayStation. The thing which Sony did best with this gadget is they have maintained its color scheme and operate technique too which everyone loves.


There are two controllers that mean you will be able to play multiplayer. The console also having HDMI ports to connect console with TV or LCD. I am thinking that this time Sony will defeat its own sale chart in case of the sale amount.


Hopefully, Sony might be able to avoid the supply problems Nintendo faced when it came to NES Classic Edition demand, resulting in vastly inflated eBay prices. Hopefully. Hope you like our post. For more updates tap on the bell icon at left down in your screen to get notifications of articles which we upload daily.


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