Seute Frosted Smart Backpack

Seute Frosted Smart Backpack

Seute Frosted Smart Backpack

Present is all about new technology and ideas to make your life easier. So check out this brand new Seute Frosted Smart Backpack. You do not have to think about your stuff and accessories, you just have to put all things into this cool and sexy bag and travel where you want. A bag which comes with amazing features like shock proof, USB charging and many more. So to check out all features in this bag read below. But it now from Amazon


USB port

Seute Frosted Smart Backpack

This bag comes with USB port, with the help of this you can charge your phone even you are not near to any electric switch or any source of electricity. Just put your charging cable into this port and make your phone charge. It’s Output is around 3.7 volt and it is sufficient to charge your mobile phone.

180 deg Opening

Seute Frosted Smart Backpack

If you are bored with your old bag’s opening style,then don’t worry. It opens in 180 deg, that means you can put in and take out all of your accessories easily from your bag .

Road Safety Reflector

Seute Frosted Smart Backpack

Walking late night to your home on a dark road and vehicles are crossing near to you, it will reflects by falling light from vehicle’s headlight. It is made with NYLON  and some other material which makes it comfortable to carry . It contain strap pockets.

Here are some other features to know more about this product deeply.

  1. Strap pockets
  2. Rain Cover
  3. Shock Proof Design
  4. Water Repellent
  5. Foldable Water Bottle Compartment
  6. Dedicated Key Holder
  7. Volume Capacity 22 liters
  8. Company offer 2 year Manufacture warranty


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