Samsung Galaxy Note 9 – Leaks, Release Date and more

As we know that Samsung has launched its flagship Galaxy S8 and S8 plus. But as usually Samsung always release out it’s every mobile with its Note and Plus series. So here Samsung is going to release its Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Here we got some leaks and release date from rumors. So check them out below.

Galaxy Note 9

If we talk about the release date as far we get leaks that Samsung is going to release Galaxy Note 9 incoming September. And in September it can be on Last Week. So by all these dates, we can say that Note 9 will launch at the beginning of October.

On-Screen FingerPrint

From last unit Samsung trying to put the fingerprint sensor on the screen of mobile. This time will Samsung do this? This question will be cleared after the release of mobile.

The saga started in February, when The Bell reported, citing sources, that Samsung had told its manufacturing partners that efforts to get a virtual fingerprint sensor working on the Galaxy Note 9 were not going well. The company reportedly told the manufacturing partners that it would instead opt for a physical sensor.


Mobile Structure and Design

Yet the company has not revealed any info about the design of mobile. But Samsung always tries to make out some new and classy looks and color of mobiles.
In January,  Let’s Go Digital discovered a patent Samsung filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) that showcased a smartphone with no notch or bezels. To deliver the features you’d expect from a smartphone, like an earpiece, microphone, and front-facing cameras, Samsung’s patent describes puncturing holes in the display to make room for the components. In April, graphic designer Mushin M. Belaal Auckburaully, who goes by the name DBS Designing on YouTube, took some cues from those patents and other reports and fashioned a graphic rendering of a possible Galaxy Note 9 release.



Information will not so amaze you but all are sufficient for users.

> Qualcomm Snapdragon 845

> It can have 8GB RAM

> 128 GB and 256 GB

> 18.5:9 aspect ratio screen

> Android 8.0.0

> 24 Megapixel Camera



It’s too early to say how Samsung will price the Galaxy Note 9, but if history is any guide it will be in the same $930 to $960 range as the current Note 8.

The Galaxy S9 starts at $720 and the S9+ at $840, so it’s reasonable to expect that the Note 9 will command a similar $100 premium over the larger S9+.


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