Qoobo Robot Cat Pet

Qoobo A Robot Cat

Everyone needs a pet which can do all of the stuff without irritating you. Different people love different type of pet like dog, cat, rabbit and some people love birds.

But you have to responsible for all of the shit activity of your pet. Some people get irritated with all these things and leave that pet to a pet shop or zoo.


Thanks to Kickstarter Campaign who made a Cat Robot without the head. The company created a headless pet robot (basically a pillow with a tail) that they call a “therapeutic robot in the form of a cushion” to bring joy and healing to those who can’t have an animal of their own. Just like a loving pet cat, its fury skin will respond you when you touch it.

Similar to how the purring of a lap cat or the encouraging paw of a loyal dog can lower stress levels, this pillow is said to create comparable results in petless people. They have dubbed it “tail therapy” to heal your heart.

The cushion comes in two colors and retails for $92. The product isn’t currently available, but thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, it is being released in the fall.


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