Paper Plane Controlled By Android Mobile

In 2014 PowerUp a toy manufacturing company announced a paper plane which was controlled by mobiles phones. We’re talking about PowerUp’s Bluetooth propellor kit for paper plane that enables you to steer your origami aircraft. Creator Shai Goitein had already developed a propellor kit for kids, but took to Kickstarter to raise funds for a smartphone-controlled model with a rudder, and was staggered when it managed to raise its $50,000 goal in just seven hours.

Paper Plane is work in a well maintained manner. Once you’ve folded some paper and attached the PowerUp 3.0 to the central crease, you pair the module with your smartphone over Bluetooth and fire up the app. Not only will the software show you an artificial horizon and range information, and as you move the phone from left to right, the rudder will move in time. Plane machine is chargeable,you can charge this plane

Charging over a microUSB port, it promises around 10 minutes of flying at a time, and thanks to a rubber and carbon-fiber construction, shouldn’t break no matter how many crash landings it’s forced to make.

The startup has announced that a retail version of its Dart aircraft will ship in February, and is running a pre-order campaign for barebones (just the propeller module and two templates) and standard (wheels and Japanese aerobatic papers) kits that start at $29 and $37 respectively. Higher-priced packs offer additional modules and stands for your aeronautics-minded friends.

I think most of us are aware of paper plane war and battle. Almost every one made this plane in childhood and tried to win in flying battle.

You can make a slow-but-steady distance champ, a speed demon or something in between. Think of it as a customizable remote-controlled machine that you can afford to fly aggressively.

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