Nissan Launches Self Driving Slippers, Park Automatically

The self-driving car is a topic which is getting fire as days are spending. But think about Self Driving Slippers. Yes, you read it correctly Nissan launches a Slipper product which is totally based on a beta technology called Self-Driving.

If you want to win the race you need something extraordinary then others. Wear these slippers and walk without any energy loss. To ponder deep, the company has recently developed a system for slippers which would enable the pair to find any corner of a room by the push of a button.

This same technology has been used by the company in the latest version of its all-battery electric Leaf vehicle. These slippers have two tiny wheels each with motor and sensors, which would enable them to move. Further, the sensors and cameras help the car to locate the parking itself without any driver input.

This technology has been named as Pro Pilot Parked Technology which is initialized in Japan

Right now, this latest innovation can be experienced at “ProPilot Park Ryokan” inn, which is located in the resort town of Hakone, near Mt. Fuji in Tokyo. But, only selected guests would be able to experience the technology in March 2018.

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