LeanGP’s VR Motorcycle Simulator At Home Inside

We are living through the achingly slow dawn of virtual reality gaming. Streaming live games become a trend nowadays. Previously we talk about the Best VR Box that You Can Buy – Virtual Reality for Gaming Consoles and PC – 2018. There we get to see some amazing VR headset to buy. But here we have something new for you. New but unique also. Have you thought about VR motorcycle? Yes, LeanGP a gadget company released its VR motorcycle for racing games.

The motorcycle simulator LeanGP is a simple, skeletal motorcycle body including a rudimentary frame, tank, subframe and handlebar setup. It plugs into a gaming system via USB, working with PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and Windows systems.

The company tried a lot to give a real experience of a motorbike. The company used fuel tank, brakes, clutches, the bike comes with a dash that gives you critical information right in front of you (if you don’t have a headset on) and the bike leans to steer by way of a tilt system that can be adjusted to suit the weight of the rider.

Not only this if you throw your bike aside you will feel some jerks and vibration as we feel during some crash in real life. The company used the number of sensors to made it smart and real.

But LeanGP is giving it a go. It’s up on Kickstarter now, with early bird prices starting at €899 (US$1,107). The only game that currently supports VR for the full riding experience is GPBikes, but LeanGP’s developers are tugging the sleeves of other game developers to include first-person VR modes in future releases. The LeanGP controller will work with a range of other games, as long as they’re on a screen.

The team has already hit its €20,000 (US$24,625) crowdfunding goal, and if it hits €1.25 million (US$1.5 million), the team is going to add in motor-actuated wheelies and stoppies. I sincerely hope it gets there because frankly, a motorcycle simulator that doesn’t pop mad wheelies would be a sad, sterile experience for me. Other stretch goals include things like fuller, bigger fairings to make it look cooler in your living room.

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