Instagram Will Bring Portrait Mode In Story Soon

Instagram is adding day by day more features to give a better experience to its user. Previously we talked about Calling feature on Instagram. Till now we haven’t seen any update for that feature too. But will see soon.

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But here are not gonna talk about that feature. We have to discuss on Portrait Mode in Insta. This time again developers find out another file inside APK. They have seen a file which has named Portrait_Shutter_Icon.jpg in the package file. By adding this feature too Insta will have one more way to get up than SnapChat.


According to some other rumors, you will be able to take some blurred portrait pictures and extra lighting option in shot mode. Many smartphones, including newer iPhones, include a portrait option in their default native cameras. People can shoot there and upload to places like Instagram. But users are increasingly recording content with the in-app Stories cameras in Instagram and Snapchat that offer advanced editing and special effects.


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It’s unclear whether Instagram’s portrait mode will just be a single setting or include more ways to stylize an image, but there’s plenty Instagram could do to make it look like you’re shooting on a fancy SLR camera. Judging by the fact that the file for “Rewind” is labeled “Reverse,” the “Portrait” mode could launch under a different name. That might also decrease confusion between it and native phone portrait options.

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