Horror Video Games You Should Not Play Alone

Not only horror movies are best, even horror games are very nice and so scarry. Enough to scare your girlfriend or your sister during gameplay. Check out this list of Horror Game You Should Not Play Alone. Dare if you can play one of these games.


1. Darkwood

Horro Game

A game which will make you feel like a silent killer. A lovely thing is that you can see all where in this game. Its camera is at eagle position. At beginning you will see your own pet a dog which is already dead. The only things to hate are its graphics, and color quality. At last I will give this 4 out of 5 star. Play this once you will to know about death.


2. Outlast 2

Horror Game

A game which is known as a game of reporter. Imagine you have just only a camcoder and you have to get out of ghost city. Its previous version much far better than this one. Not only graphics but sound quality also cool than this one.It is little shorter and easier than previouse one. The player can crouch, run, jump, walk, vault, slide and climb much like the first game and can hide in lockers, barrels, wardrobes, beds, pools of water, tall grass, cornfields, and inside of houses. They have a limited stamina meter and must manage how long they run, lest they become exhausted and move more slowly. So take your camcorder and play with dead bodies. Another great developement in horror games.


3. The Evil Within 2

Another great release by Tango Gameworks. In The Evil Within 2, maps are larger and there are multiple ways for players to advance in a level. The player is also given an item known as “The Communicator”, which helps to highlight the objectives, resources, and enemies featured in the game’s world. This horror game will also reveal Resonance points, which provides hints regarding what had happened in the world of Union. Players can explore the map area freely to complete side objectives and scout for resources, which are scarce.


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4. Resident Evil 7 : Biohazard

Player have to fight against a bacteria “Molded”. You can turn about 180 deg to kill your enimies. Unlike Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6, the gameplay emphasizes horror and exploration over action. Items in the inventory can be used, examined, or combined with other items to increase their usefulness. Many of the game’s puzzles require that items be examined under certain conditions in order to reveal secrets. In this horror game Tape recorders can be used to manually save the game’s progress, which, depending on the given difficulty level, may require the use of a cassette tape.


5. Hellblade : Senua’s Sacrifice

It is divided in two types of gameplay: the first allows Senua to walk freely and interact with her surroundings. Those parts focus on either story via voiceover, as Senua travels from one location to another, or the resolution of a puzzle or challenge of some kind to progress further. She can use a capacity known as “focus”, in reference to her tendency to see things differently from other people due to her condition, to trigger puzzle-related events. As such, the clues given during the game are not always reliable, except for Druth’s: certain Furies try to demotivate Senua, or give false indications such as telling her she took the wrong way, or that she is walking into a trap.


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