Full Charge Your Mobile In Just 7 Seconds With Graphene

Do you know about the wonder material Graphene? In 2004 our scientists discover this amazing material. It is lighter than paper and 200 times string than steel. Fortunately, it had a chance to shine at last month’s Mobile World Congress trade show in Barcelona.

Buried away at the furthest point from the entrance to the convention center was the Graphene Pavilion, where around 25 different graphene-based research projects, including robotics and wearables, were being shown off.

In the coming years, some of these applications will go commercial and we’ll start to see graphene cropping up in phones, wearables, and other technology.

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It is a thin layer of pure carbon atoms tightly packed in a honeycomb structure. It isn’t manufactured, but instead is extracted from graphite — a process scientists only succeeded in developing in 2004. The result is a 2D substance that has a number of unusual and desirable traits, including being extraordinarily thin, strong and flexible.

Phone technology is one obvious use, and 5G network tech is another — Ericsson used graphene in its own 5G demo at the show. But it’s not the only area where the material can make a difference.

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