Best Games For Galaxy Note 9

Have you purchased the best flagship Samsung Galaxy Note 9? Have you already tested its power? Do you want to test? Here we are having some of the best games that will test the best of Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Snapdragon 845, liquid cooling system, a gorgeous screen with a resolution of 2960 x 4000 pixel with 6.4-inches. Let’s start best games for Galaxy Note 9.

Best Games For Galaxy Note 9

Asphalt 9: Legends

The first game which is best to test out the graphics quality of Galaxy Note 9. Featuring epic car destruction, insane courses, and ludicrous speeds, this game is more than just eye candy. I love the part of this game is that there is auto drive mode in the game which makes it more easier to play for those who don’t have driving skills.

Sonic Forces: Speed Battle

It is also a racing genre but in a different way. If you play this game on your Note 9 it will show you it’s the best quality of the game with high frame rate.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

I think there is no need to define this game! Featuring the usual crime-fueled, high-octane shenanigans of Grand Theft Auto, San Andreas brings the lawless experience to Android with no pulled punches. However, if you want to experience the game as close to its console counterpart as the original developers intended, the Note 9’s large screen and horsepower will get you one step closer than most other mobile devices.


Fortnite Battle Royale for Android

An era of battle royale and if we forget to mention this epic game then our viewers will unsubscribe us, so now we have included this and don’t forget to hit on the bell icon in the down corner of your screen to get notifications of this kind of best posts. If you have a Galaxy Note 9, though, odds are you’ll be able to maintain decent frame rates while enjoying 100-person matches on a large map with all graphical settings at the max.

Player’s Unknown Battleground

PUBG Crack

Even it is also in the list of must installed game’s list. PUBG is highly competitive, and an optimized game may be. You’ll need extra horsepower to keep this app running at a serviceable pace, especially if you want all the additional graphical bells and whistles turned on when facing off against 99 opponents across a massive map in a battle to the death.



Not these days but it is still counted in best games for Android. In the case of the Galaxy Note 9, expect the phone to improve just about every facet of the game, keeping your frame rate silky smooth as you enjoy incredible draw distances across vast, CPU-taxing maps while cross-playing with friends on Xbox.

The Wolf Among Us

When picking a Telltale game for your Note 9, I recommend The Wolf Among Us, as it remains the publisher’s most original, thematically bold game to date. Shoving characters like The Big Bad Wolf, Snow White, and The Little Mermaid into a Christopher Nolan-esque universe, TWAU is a just-dark-enough, intriguing take on everyone’s favorite childhood fables.


Tekken 7

If you enjoy smartphone fighting games, Tekken’s more of the same. Controls are relegated to a few simple taps that handle all the punching and blocking action, which makes it great for mindless fun whether you’re on the toilet or the train. The Note 9 enables players to see the full extent of Tekken’s technical prowess.

Modern Combat 5: Blackout


The game features enough varied environments that it should be fun enough to play through once if only to see what the game’s exotic visuals look like on the Note 9.

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