Assassin’s Creed Origins First Mission

Since one month ago Assassin’s Creed patch released for Windows and it got viral like sunlight in the sky. If some not yet played this game here we bring a gameplay. Gameplay is all about the first mission of AYA, main character.

The game has very beautiful and stunning graphics which give it a look of the pure ancient time war. Assassin’s Creed first mission is all about the play of AYA wife of Bayek ( Main Character of Assassin’s Creed ).

Here we uploaded a gameplay watch this and some of the points are mentioned below which will be helpful to you while seeing gameplay and playing the game.

Assassin’s Creed

The very first object is Sink the Ptolemy Fleet, you will see a counter-attack from a ship to another ship. Million of arrow launched from bows and aimed to destroy enemies ship.

After destroying all three ships you will get another objective called Meet Pompey The Great In The Aegean Coast. Here you will go, you have to fight against 5-6 boats and all of them will be around you in the circle. You have to destroy all of ships as soon you can do.

Your army is well trained and they attack very aggressively. Not only arrows are launched by them, they also throw bombs as well from their hand but only then when the boat will be near to your boat. A bomb does more destruction than arrows. So try to get near to enemies ship and throw bombs but remember that they can also throw bombs on you.

At last, he got agreed to fight with you and accept the proposal of Cleopatra. For now this only, more will be coming soon. Stay Tunned and If you like this video please subscribe our youtube channel named Nitro Gaming and you will be happy to know that soon we will uploading Top 10 Kills of Assassin’s Creed. So get ready.

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