Android P For Samsung Galaxy S9, 5 Features

Last week we all get to see so many updates in the Android world. From Nokia’s Banana Mobile to Clone of iPhone X. But here we are going to talk about the Android P. Last week Google released its Developer Preview for Android P. Not only this in MWC 2018 Samsung released its new flagship Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus.

I think most of us don’t know about the features of Android P, that what we are getting in next update. So here are the 5 features which Samsung’s Galaxy S9 has already in it. So check them out below and get ready to get that all features in your mobile soon.


1. Screenshot Editor

When saving a screenshot in Android P, you can now tap on the Edit option to open up the Markup screenshot editor.Within the app, you can choose from the pen or highlighter to doodle on and annotate your screenshot. When you complete your markup, you can save the screenshot to your device storage.


2. Android P Pixel Launcher


By now, we have seen that Samsung Experience 9.0 already has a number of features included in Android P. On the other hand, many people are not a fan of the launcher included with Samsung phones. Thankfully, you can install the Pixel launcher included with the Android P developer preview.

3. Colorful Setting Menu


With Android P, Google decided to head in a brighter direction. Each of the individual setting tiles now features its own color. While this is a small change, it’s easy to see that it was inspired by the Samsung Experience UI. On the Galaxy S9 running Samsung Experience 9.0, the Settings menu is also colored. Arguably, Samsung’s looks a bit cleaner and more understated than the implementation seen in Android P.


4. Battery Percentage


When Samsung introduced the Always on Display with the Galaxy S7, they added several pieces of useful information to your perpetual lock screen. Perhaps the most important is the remaining battery percentage. With Android P, Google brings this useful feature to stock Android. This one seems like a no-brainer, but again, Samsung was the first to implement google decided in Android P that

5. Control Media Volume By Default


The functionality of the volume buttons on a phone has typically been fairly straightforward. Pressing the volume up button turns the ringer volume up. Pressing the volume down button turns the ringer volume down. Google decided in Android P that media volume should be the default option controlled by the hardware keys. While this makes sense, it seems better to give users the option as to which they want to control — though it is worth noting that you can toggle your ringer on and off from Android P’s default volume UI.

But everyone has their own choices. But as per my choice, I love Control Media Volume, Battery Percentage, and Colorful menu in this update. So what are yours? Let me know your choice about these al features in the comments section below. Also, don’t forget to share this post with your friends to make them aware of these all new features of Galaxy S9.

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