Android P Everything You Should Know, Developer Preview

So what new things we are getting in Android P? Even not yet Google doesn’t release any official news for this. But our developers figure out these all things about P. We can see notches in mobile around us. Not only iPhone even some other companies are also going for this notch. Let’s talk about this feature first.

Google is going to make its new update compatible with new mobiles those have a notch. Developers will be able to call a new API to check whether a device has a cutout and its dimensions and then request full-screen content to flow around it.

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This time Google giving attention to the notification. So we can say that we will be able to make some new actions in the notification area. As per some rumors, the user will able to reply their messages, is this new? No, this is not new. New is that you will be able to attach photos and audio from notification panel to your chat. So this will be a smart reply feature, we will get.

Till now Google doesn’t speak about power saving mode in Android P. But it will contain all these features like Background Apps. Doze, App Stand By and more.

What Google is adding, though, is new privacy features. Android P will, for example, restrict access to the microphone, camera, and sensors from idle apps. In a future build, the company will also introduce the ability to encrypt Android backups with a client-side secret and Google will also introduce per-network randomization of associated MAC address, which will make it harder to track users.

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Since all new mobiles releasing nowadays having double or triple cameras in it. So Google is preparing for adding a feature called MultiCamera API. Google decided to make it easier for developers to access both of them with the help of a new API to call a fused camera stream that can switch between two or more cameras. Other changes to the camera system are meant to help image stabilization and special effects developers build their tools and to reduce the delays during initial captures.

Developers who want to do machine learning on phones are also in luck because Android P will bring a couple of new features to the Neural Networks API that Google first introduced with Android 8.1. Specifically, Android P will add support for nine operations: Pad, BatchToSpaceND, SpaceToBatchND, Transpose, Strided Slice, Mean, Div, Sub, and Squeeze.

But after all these features and leaks, we are not able to say the name of Android P. We have to wait for 2-3 weeks for the official announcement.

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