2017: The Best Year In Real Madrid’s History

2017: The Year of the Royal Whites

When Zinedine Zidane was appointed as the manager of Real Madrid in January 2016, many thought Pérez had rushed his decision and Real Madrid was back to making the same mistake which they had been making for the last few years. 12 months hence and 3 trophies later, Zidane had not only shut his doubters but also laid a foundation to believe that THIS TEAM was capable of pulling off something special, something grand.

Real Madrid La Liga 2016-17
Real Madrid players celebrate winning the La Liga title 2016-17.

2017 was undoubtedly the year of Real Madrid. Not only did they achieve the unthinkable but did so with a certain zeal. 5 trophies in a calendar year was a wet dream for Madridistas all over but Zinedine Zidane and co showed us that with determination, dedication and hard work, even the impossible can be made possible.

The best part about this team and why it will have a special place in the history of Real Madrid is the fighting spirit and lionheart it showed in crunch situations. Not those fancy individual performances or crazy late dramatic moments but the persistence, resilience and never say die attitude shown by the players. If we analyze closely, the team is what made Real Madrid achieve this massive feat. Yes, Cristiano Ronaldo did steal the all the individual awards (and the limelight) but it was the contribution of each and every player irrespective of their stature and importance in the starting lineup which counted in the end. Not very often can a club brag about this. The solid (but at times unpredictable) back line, the well-oiled midfield, the fierce attack combined with Zidane’s well-balanced tactics is what led to the massive success. The so-called less important players contributed and contributed immensely and it is only fair that they get their due share of credit.

Real Madrid UCL 2017
Madrid won back to back Uefa Champions League title in 2016 & 2017.

While the start of the current campaign hasn’t been ideal for Los Blancos, they can be incredibly proud of what they achieved this year. It’s important that Madridistas realize how big a feat this is. It only increases the pressure on the players and the management to deliver more than ever but at the same time, the fans must know that they can’t expect this to happen every year so it’s important to enjoy this moment and keep backing this team for they deserve it fully.

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