10 Ways To Click Awesome Selfies

Every day most of the people click around 16 selfies by average. All around the world in a day 2 billion selfies clicked. In that 83% is of girl’s and women’s. But If a lady take 30 clicks and none of them is good. What can she do? Don’t worry we will tell you how to take a better selfie. Here we are going to tell you about the 10 tricks, which will help you to take a better selfie. Check them below.


1. Head Tilt

Most of the person look at the camera while capturing selfies. You should tilt your head around 10-20deg which show up your face cut and make your eyes big and beautiful. These postures add some extra beauty to your selfie.


2. Light Source

Sometimes you start clicking your pictures in low light. After all captures while looking at the pics you blame yourself for dark pictures. So it is better f you make some perfect source of light which add some extra lines and sharpness to your picture. You can open your window for a better experience. Make sure you’re not looking into the light, otherwise your face will wind up all scrunched up.


3. Better App Choice

Here are so many applications which help you to add effects to your selfies. But sometimes you choose the wrong app by mistake and will lead to bad selfies. By choosing the wrong application you camera quality become low. So it will helpful to you to use a better application to take awesome clicks.


4. Emotions

The best photos of yourself are the ones you least expect—those candid shots that you only wish you could replicate come selfie time. Next time you’re photographing yourself, literally laugh out loud. It may feel unnatural at first, but let that ridiculous feeling turn into real laughter, and you’ll get a slew of great shots, too.


5. A Perfect Pose

Some of the selfies directly go into recycle bin because camera captures your wild one. Not only our pose but your effects of selfies can bother your picture.  So should know about the perfect pose, which suits you.


6. Camera

Sometimes you start capturing your pictures with the help 2-megapixel cameras and after that blame your friend for bad capture. So make sure that you have a perfect quality camera with you. As I experienced that portrait mode make your pictures more reliable and effective.


7. White Out

After all here are some facts that can make your picture bad. Above I have mentioned that you should have a perfect source of light for you. But the sometime sun is not there always in a perfect position. So you can reflect sunlight by using some white sheet and white screen. With the help of this, your face can get some extra light and fairness.


8. Hold Your Phone Up High

This trick kills two birds with one stone: By raising the camera above your head, you’ll naturally slim your face, while also showing off some of your bad-ass athleisure that deserves some social love, too. Make sure you’re not holding it too high up; hold the phone straight and pulled a bit in for the most flattering angle.


9. Eyes

Make your eyes some small while laughing this will help you make your smile extra special.


10. Mood

Take selfies when your mood is high. Don’t take selfies when you are angry or not in the mood for the laugh. So be happy and take awesome selfies.

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